Give It Up Already

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Patience is a virtue, and persistence is often rewarded, but there has to be a limit -- sometimes you don't get what you want, even if you need it. The Lions are learning that the hard way.

Give It Up Already

Rams Nation's Kent Giard

Barry Sanders retired in 1999 stating that he was simply tired of playing and wanted to leave in good health. A more accurate statement would have been that he was sick of playing for Detroit and wanted to be released to shop the league. Detroit, rightfully so, wouldn't let him go. Unfortunately the NFL lost a great running back and all the Lions gained was some cap room.

Even more depressing is the way the Lions have been behaving since he left. Every year they approach him hoping he will change his mind, every year he refuses. Like a scorned lover, the Lions keep knocking on Barry's door begging him to "take them back."

Recently they tried once more, and once again they were rejected.

"He might consider the Lions but only as one of 32 teams, not the only team for which he could come back," said a source close to the third-leading rusher in league history. "He wants options and, at this point, it doesn't look like he is going to get any other choices."

What Barry wants doesn't get much clearer than that. Matt Millen needs to sit down with Dr. Phil and get some emotional help. The relationship is over -- give it up already!

I don't know what bothers me more. That the Lions aren't showing enough respect to leave Barry alone, or that he might come back. He hasn't played in 4 years and my picture-perfect impression of his years in the NFL just may be shattered if he returned.

Come on Matt, leave me my "what-ifs" and just let Barry go.

On the Move?

Wide receiver Terry Glenn may be available in a trade. The Green Bay Packers have been making it clear to other clubs that they would be willing to deal Glenn. Their willingness to part with Glenn has a lot to do with the play of Donald Driver; last season he emerged as the team's No. 1 wideout.

Getting the boot

I am not sure if the infamous fumble during the Giants-49er game sealed his fate, but Matt Allen has been waived by the New York Giants. Allen was signed as a free agent last August and played in 14 games during the regular season.

He was a pivotal figure in the 39-38 loss to the 49ers. With six seconds left and the Giants down a point, Matt Bryant lined up for a 41-yard field goal. The snap from newly signed Trey Junkin was in the dirt. Allen fumbled the ball, then made a desperation pass downfield.

The Giants also waived fullback Adam Wright and linebacker Clayton. Wide Receiver Herman Moore was released from the reserve-retired list.

Titans inch closer, still over cap

The Tennessee Titans have restructured contracts for quarterback Steve McNair and right guard Benji Olson. These moves, coupled with the release of Neil O'Donnel last week, bring Tennessee closer to the projected $75 million cap for the upcoming season. They are still $8 million over.

"We've said all along things were going to be a little more difficult this year because, in terms of the cap, our roster is lean," Titans general manager Floyd Reese told The Tennessean at the NFL Combine. "But we're making some progress. We're a little ahead of the past few years at this point, but we've still got some things to do."

Closer to Home

Rams reach deal with Williams, McCleon talks stall
Tackle Grant Williams has agreed to terms on a three-year contract with the club. The deal will be finalized on Friday. A seven-year veteran, Williams was acquired in an Aug. 19 trade with New England for a seventh-round draft pick. The pick would have been upgraded to a sixth-rounder had Williams appeared in eight or more games in 2002.

The Rams had been hoping to make some progress with Dexter McCleon, but negotiations have stalled and, barring an unexpected breakthrough, will most likely remain stalled. It looks as if McCleon could be released.

Door still open for Crouch
Rams Coach Mike Martz made it clear this weekend that the door is still open for Eric Crouch.

"If he wanted to come back as a wide receiver, I'd love to have him," Martz said. "I like the kid. I think he's a terrific kid. I think he's a terrific competitor. He didn't give himself a chance. I tried to convey that to him when I met with him" before Crouch's departure last September.

Crouch's agent has stated that Eric Crouch wishes only to return to play quarterback.

Stepping Up
Marshall Faulk has made it clear that next years fire will emanate from the all star running back.

"He's made a bold commitment that he's going to lead this football team in the offseason, which would be terrific," Martz said. "He's never really trained in the offseason with the weights like a lot of those guys do. I think that will really prolong his career, or have a chance to prolong his career."

Edwards is big on hype
Edwards told the Shreveport times that last years performance was only the beginning.

"I don't want to be the third receiver - I want to be the starter," he said. "That's the goal I've set for myself."

The Rams quarterback controversy isn't about to phase him either. No matter who is throwing the ball, Troy Edwards fully expect to top his 17 receptions/154 yard stats from 2002.

"I don't see it as a rocky situation with the quarterbacks," Edwards said. "The way I see it, we have two great quarterbacks either of which could lead us to a championship."

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