Avery Discusses Rams Mini-Camp

Avery Discusses Rams Mini-Camp

Rams wide receiver Donnie Avery talked after Friday morning's practice about how different mini-camp is this year compared to last year, on what the receivers are trying to get out of this minicamp, on if the offense is much different compared to last year, and on if it's strange being the veteran this year.

WR Donnie Avery
May 1, 2009

(On how different minicamp is this year compared to last year)
"Well, it's a lot easier than last year. I feel more comfortable because I have a year under my belt. I'm here just doing what they tell me, paying attention to my technique, just out here having fun."

(On what the receivers are trying to get out of this minicamp)
"Just pay attention to details when the coach tells us to do something and pay attention to routes. If he says 14, we have to get 14 to time us up correctly with the quarterback."

(On if the offense is much different compared to last year)
"Last year you just had to think a lot more. Different system too. Last year, it was just running. I don't know what you call last year, but this year is a West Coast offense."

(On what it would mean to him to be the No. 1 wide receiver and what will he do to try and get there)
"Just come out here every day, work hard and just make plays in the games."

(On if it's strange being the veteran this year)
"We have some older guys on the team, Chad Lucas and we got another guy today that came out. It is funny seeing other guys the same age as me and their calling me a vet and stuff, but we're just out here having fun."

(On how he is physically)
"I feel great. Going home, seeing my little girl. Just coming back out here refreshed and just ready to get after it."

(On if his hip healed)

(On if this offense is better for him because he can react rather than have to think)
"Yeah, you can say that, but this offense is quarterback-friendly and wide receiver-friendly also. So it gives the wide receiver more of an opportunity just to freelance and get open."

(On what he thinks about having the offense geared toward the running game)
"It'll bring the safeties up and that will make one-on-ones for wide receivers and that's when we have fun. That's when we start our endzone dances and just have fun."

(On if he thinks he will get any special teams opportunites this year)
"Yeah, I want to play a little bit of kickoff return."

(On if he will get a chance to work on kickoff return this weekend)
"Oh yeah, I will."

(On if WR Laurent Robinson has to go through some sort of initiation)
"Well, he's a three-year vet and I'm a two-year, so I can't really speak to that.

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