Embarrassing Loss Chiefs Win 49-10

Embarrassing Loss Chiefs Win 49-10

Well, the end truly arrived for the St. Louis Rams on December 8th at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri. The Kansas City Chiefs and their coach Dick Vermeil handed the Rams their early exit passes for vacation getaways by defeating their interstate rivals 49-10.

Embarrassing Loss Chiefs Win 49-10
By Rams Nation's Oscar F Lopez

This game was so bad that the Rams' special teams were nonexistent all game long.

Bobby April should begin looking for another coaching job after the poor display of tackling and execution on the part of the Rams. Dante Hall kicked butt all game long and embarrassed the Rams with two returns for touchdowns. Dante Hall ran untouched for 88 yards for the kickoff return touchdown in the 1st Quarter to put the Chiefs up 7-3 after a Jeff Wilkins field goal of 36 yards. And he also had another return in the 2nd Quarter for 86 yards on a punt return to put the Chiefs up 28-10. The poor play of the whole Rams team really showed with bad tackling and no real effort to execute on plays that really counted. It seemed to me that the Rams gave up in the 2nd Quarter after being down by 18 points.

The Chiefs on the other hand really played great football. They had good fundamentals and really stuck the their gameplan throughout the game. Dick Vermeil's Chiefs really looked great. They reminded me of the Rams of 2000. They had Priest Holmes rule the 2nd Quarter by scoring a la Marshall Faulk. He looked very poised and set. The eight play sixty-six yard drive for the two yard touchdown run was set up by his good running in the previous plays of sixteen and seventeen yard gains. Trent Green really focused on the gameplan. he was on fire all game long and the score was the end result.

When asked about the win versus the Rams coach Vermeil stated," There's nothing vindictive or personal in regard to beating the St. Louis rams." Of course not Dick why would be think that. The bottom-line was that the Rams were not ready to play Sunday? Their three year run at the playoffs was clearly defined on Sunday. And to further add to that, the loss was one of the most lopsided in franchise history. It was the worst defeat in team history since the team played in Los Angeles and were beat by the Chicago Bears 52-14 in 1963. The loss puts the Rams at 0-3 versus the Chiefs since moving to St. Louis. And it eliminates them from the playoffs with the 49ers win against the Dallas Cowboys.

We all know when a team had gotten their behinds handed to them. Just ask the players and coaches. Dextor McCleon was the first to confirm the spanking. He stated,"It's embarrassing. That's all you can say. there wasn't anything good that happened today." Dre' Bly added,"We got beat in all three phases of the game. we've got to come back and find a way to keep going and stick with it these last three games." When coach Martz was asked about the outcome, he also commented by saying,"You don't want to quote me on what I have to say about the special teams."

The only highlight of the game for the Rams was the eight yard touchdown pass from Jamie Martin to Isaac Bruce in the 1st Quarter to get them within four points at 14-10. Other than that, not even with a healthy line could Jamie Martin do whatever it takes to be a leader of a football team. Don't get me wrong, but Jamie Martin is not the answer. He got whacked six times for sacks, intercepted twice and lost a fumble that was returned for 42 yards by defensive end Duane Clemons in the 1st Quarter. Clearly the man of the season has to be Marc Bulger. I will quote Dre' Bly on his assessment of the season. He stated,"We got out of the gate 0-5, then we win five straight. Then we go on this streak." Well, Dre,' it sure wasn't Kurt Warner and Jamie Martin who helped out. If it wasn't for Marc Bulger we could have had a worst season all together. I will end my column with some old words that we use to hear about a year ago from this football team from something they called Max Q. Take it away Dante Hall. Hall said," It feels great. That's the thing we enjoy, seeing our hardwork paying off." Well, the last three games better be victories. because there will be Max Questions at all levels.

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