Draft Projected to Start at Middle Linebacker

Draft Projected to Start at Middle Linebacker

Rams linebacker Chris Draft talked Wednesday about how his foot felt during practice, on if he feels ready to play on Sunday, on playing middle linebacker, and on what it felt like not being able to play due to injury.

LB Chris Draft
December 3, 2008

(On how his foot felt today)
"I felt pretty good today. I got a good amount of work in. I just have to feel out how it feels tonight. Last week I got some really good running in. We tried to push, but it was just the first week and it wasn't exactly right here because last Monday was the first day I ran. I got a good week of conditioning under me and it felt pretty good today."

(On if he feels he is ready to play on Sunday)
"If I feel good, they're going to let me go out there and make some plays. That's what it is. I got a good test today and tomorrow I'll be able to test that thing again and really feel good about it."

(On playing middle linebacker)
"I've played that before. I've played all three positions. I'm not really worried as much about that as much as getting a feel for where I'm at. I've played middle at times, even in preseason. I played ‘Will' last year and this year I played the ‘Sam.' It doesn't really matter about which position, it's really more about… I'm feeling pretty good."

(On what it felt like not being able to play due to injury)
"It was kind of torture, but where I had to concentrate my game the last four weeks was to really make sure that I stayed healthy and be able to give my insight to the other linebackers in terms of what we can do to get a win on that field. There's only so much you can do, but you have to focus. That was my win. My win was to get as much treatment as possible, being honest about how I feel and being able to get myself back."

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