Rams Running Backs Talk Wednesday

Rams Running Backs Talk Wednesday

The Rams two back-up running backs, who will likely get a lot of playing time Sunday because Steven Jackson was unable to practice, talked Wednesday. Kenneth Darby talked about if he is ready to start, on if he knows the playbook, on his running style, and Samkon Gado talked about what he has been doing since he was out of football and if he can still play.

RB Kenneth Darby
November 5, 2008

(On if he is ready to start on Sunday)
"Yes I am ready. I have been preparing for this moment even though I probably knew that I was not going to start or play too much on offense. I always prepare each week as if I am going to play. I am pretty much ready for it."

(On if he knows the playbook)
"I think I am pretty much acclimated with it. (Running backs Coach) Art Valero is a great teacher. He taught me the system. He gave me good shortcut methods to remembering stuff. So pretty much, I think I am pretty well adapted to it now."

(On if there is anything extra he is going to do to get ready for the game this Sunday)
"No, not really. Like I said, I always prepare each week as if I am going to play so my mentality and my mindset and the way I prepare each week is just to go hard each play and that is what I am going to do this week. I am not going to do nothing more or spectacular or anything like that. I am just going to prepare myself mentally and physically."

(On how he would describe his running style)
"I would say that I am pretty much well equipped. I run pretty low to the ground and I have a good leg drive. I am a power and shifty back."

(On what he can do that RB Steven Jackson can't do)
"I don't know. I have learned a lot from him since I have been here so I am not going to compare myself to him because he is a great back. Each back that we have here has their style of running. He has his own style along with me and the rest of the running backs here. I have learned from him as much as I can."



RB Sam Gado
November 5, 2008

(On what happened when he got the call)
"I am just home and I got a phone call telling me to come on because they were going to work me out. Low and behold, they signed me and I am here."

(On if he had any workouts with any other teams)
"No. I worked out for the Patriots and the Giants in May but outside of that I haven't worked out for anybody else."

(On if he had any training camp invitations)
"No camp invites or nothing."

(On what he has been doing)
"I have been training six times a week. A lot of running and a lot of lifting, just making phones calls hoping that someone would have a need for a running back. Thankfully, I knew (Offensive Coordinator) Al Saunders from my days in Kansas City and I talked to him in the summer and told him that I was trying to find a team. He told me to stay on him and if something opened up, he would be sure to give me a call. Sure enough it did."

(On if he had a trainer working out with him)
"Yes I had a trainer by the name of Randy Guide. He has trained several NFL guys before. He is a very good friend of mine and we worked together almost every single day. If he was not there, I don't think I would have had the motivation to stay in shape."

(On how he felt on his first day of practice)
"I felt great. I had to get use to all the contact even though we really didn't hit. I just had to get use to the flow of things. I had my legs up under me and conditioning wasn't really an issue. Thank God."

(On if he thinks he still can play)
"I would not be here if I didn't think I could. This is the nature of the beast and you have to be ready when your number is called. If you knew how hard I worked, I think you would think that I am ready to play. I am very confident that I am."


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