Looker, Atogwe, and Kennison Talk Wednesday

Looker, Atogwe, and Kennison Talk Wednesday

Rams wide receiver Dane Looker talked about the status of his concussion; safety Oshiomogho Atogwe talked about changes with Jim Haslett as head coach; and wide receiver Eddie Kennison talked about his contract situation and being released earlier this week.

WR Dane Looker
October 8, 2008

(On the status of his concussion)
"They are not really sure. We are going to do some test on it today and tomorrow and try to diagnosis what it is."

(On if he did not pass a test)
"It was just something that showed up on the CAT scan that was a concern. I thought I was cleared and then the highest guy in the Neuro department said that he thought it was cause for concern, so they are keeping me out."

(On where the concern is)
"It is not actually on my neck, it is on my brain so they are a little concerned about that."

(On if this is connected to the day that they were waiting on test results)
"It is connected to that. I had one doctor that felt I was cleared and he passed it up to the top of the line guy and he found some cause for concern. I think the biggest problem is that they don't know what it is. They can't tell what it is."



S Oshiomogho Atogwe
October 8, 2008

(On what the bye week meant to the team)
"It allowed us to freshen up our body and freshen up our minds to allow us to come back and get refocused."

(On any changes with Jim Haslett as head coach)
"It is just coach (Jim) Haslett's demeanor. He switched up the tempo that the team practices at because of his character and the way he goes about doing things. Those are the only changes I can point out."

(On if the coaching change was a good thing)
"It is too early to tell, we still have twelve games to go. It is a long season. We just have to keep plugging in and see what we come up with."



WR Eddie Kennison
October 8, 2008

(On what happened with his contract situation)
"I am here because it is unfortunate what is going on with (WR) Dane (Looker). I told Dane) that my prayers are with him and hopefully it is not what they think it is. We wish the best for him and hope that he is healthy and that the tests aren't what they think."

(On what he did for the six hours when he was released)
"I was actually going to pack up last night and leave this morning and that was the whole deal. (Head coach) Jim (Haslett) called me back and said don't move around too quick, so I just stayed put until he called me."

(On if he was surprised by the situation)
"In this business I am never surprised, that is just the way it is. I think you guys know better than I do but I was going home yesterday and then it was after 3 p.m. that they found out the test results from Dane and they called me back. I say it again, God is awesome. He is testing my character and that is who I have my faith in. It is not in any man walking the earth, it is in God and He is building my character."



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