Warner Plays Incomplete Game Rams Fall to 5-7

Warner Plays Incomplete Game Rams Fall to 5-7

The story of the game at Veterans Stadium in Philadelphia was that the Eagles defense showed up to play and help keep them in contention. <br>On the other side of the ball, Kurt Warner was just horrible. The worst game since last week

Warner Plays Incomplete Game Rams Fall to 5-7
By Rams Nation's Oscar F Lopez

. The disease in fumbles. Since the Super Bowl loss the former MVP has lost six straight and has not shown any signs of improvements. Sure he looked ok at times, but this clearly is not the quarterback of two years ago.

The total play of the team was also in question on sunday. The only bright spots was the defense and secondary keeping it close. The oustanding plays by Grant Wistrom, Tommy Polley, James Whitley, and Dre' Bly contributed to the team staying in the game. God knows what would have happened if the defense had not stepped up when it counted.

The reality of the game was that the running game with Marshall Faulk and Lamar Gordon was unnoticeable. Gordon even fumbled. The turnovers and incompletions together with sacks just clearly told the story for the Rams at Veterans Stadium. Offensively the line was nonexistent all day long. The total sacks tells the story that there is a real problem. Quarterback controversy was the question of the week coming off the Washington loss near the goal line.

I love Kurt Warner , but his play lately reminds me of Tony Banks. The fumbles, incompleteions, and interceptions are just things that Rams fans cringe at. When I look at the game sheet of the game, the one thing that stands out was incompletions.
Kurt was 20 for 42 for 218 yards and two interceptions. The interceptions have come lately all near the red zone for easy scores. Bobby Taylor's return for 23 yards resulted in a score with 38 seconds left in the 1st Quarter. And the other was when troy Vincent intercepted a pass that was underthrown for Isaac Bruce in the endzone.

The story of the game was that defensively the Eagles gave A.J. Feeley a chance to win. Bobby Taylor summed up the game by saying," Defensively, we knew we had to play well. And we had no injuries on defense. We had no excuses."
As for Kurt Warner and Mike Martz, well they feel otherwise. Kurt Warner stated," We made mistakes all across the board. In the past, we've always been able to overcome it. For whatever reason this year, we haven't." Mike added to the effort by simply saying , "We're trying to win."

Even with an injured hand, I believe Marc Bulger could have played better than Kurt Warner on Sunday in the 10-3 loss against the Eagles. So now we get Jamie Martin to start. So you hear it here first ,only a miracle will help this team win again. Remember the embarrassing loss at San Francisco. Yea ,that Jamie Martin.


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