The Roving Ram #8

The Roving Ram #8

Well that sucked. It's been a season of highs and lows for the St. Louis Rams' 2002 Edition. We started out asking, "Where's the bottom?" which gave way to the more recent, "Where's the top?". Now, we find ourselves in an interesting position.

The Roving Ram #8
By Rams Nation's Brandon “Blankman” Cavanaugh

***Dedicated to the memory of Ben Wormington. I’ll miss you, big guy***

Well that sucked. It’s been a season of highs and lows for the St. Louis Rams’ 2002 Edition. We started out asking, “Where’s the bottom?” which gave way to the more recent, “Where’s the top?”. Now, we find ourselves in an interesting position. With a Nawhleans loss, there is still life for the Horned Heroes of the Gateway and with another 5-game tear; we could find our boys back in the playoffs and ready to march towards San Diego. Sure, it’s improbable, maybe even foolish to think that the Rams can get there, but we here at RamsNation are an optimistic sort even in the face of an 0-5 start to the season. So here’s your latest edition of the Roving Ram coming directly from the New and Improved BlankCave.

- Warner Bros. Patent #13

People worried, fretted and even did some old time crowing over the return of King Kurt to the starting lineup against the Steven Superior and the NFL’s University of Florida and I’d like to think many of those fears were laid to rest on the afternoon of November 24th. Kurt did his usual thang on Sunday to the tune of 34-49 for 300+ yards, 2 TDs and a pick which really puts Saint Louie in a nice spot having the Warner/Bulger duo at QB and Faulk/Gordon at RB. You kind of think Mad Mike played a little fantasy football in his day what with handcuffing all of these stars together. All in all, sure the W would’ve been grand but Kurt came back and showed us all just why he was voted MVP in the first place and why it won’t be the last time.

- One More For The Record Books

Sir Issac of Bruce had another solid day with 7 catches for 89 yards, but the story wasn’t necessarily in those numbers. Ike became the all-time leader in receptions for the franchise with 597 total catches, surpassing current Saint Louie WR Guru Henry Ellard. The rest of the Navy and Gold’s Circus got their grabs as well. Torry Holt got a smooth 5-fer-75 and Lamar Gordon did his best Marshall Faulk impression snagging 10 balls for 68 yards. Ricky Proehl clocked in with 4 nabs for 33 yards and Troy Edwards snagged a deuce for 10 yards and a TD. Really, Ike, it’s about time you gave someone else a chance to get a snappy headline made for them.

- Coachspeak Anonymous

Don’t ever let anyone tell you Mike Martz tries to use the ancient art of Coachspeak to lull reporters to sleep as far as taking blame when he feels it appropriate. Martz stated, “It's a shame, I made a bad call at the end. I wanted to make a safe play, but made the bad call. We lost this game on a coaching error at the end.” Indeed, you could attribute the loss to a few things: Warner’s lack of playing time in recent weeks, the absence of Marshall, lax defensive effort at times, etc. etc. Martz, however, is a man’s man in that he will step up to the plate and defend his boys and that speaks volumes. You kinda want to go find Double M and buy him a Boulevard and some chicken wings for his forthrightness, or maybe that’s just me.

- Two Minute Warning

Sure, the day didn’t go quite as planned and if the Rams’ backs weren’t as far up against the walls as possible, they are now, but it’s still doable. I must point out, however, that I feel very fortunate to enjoy a team that sets their sights on the Super Bowl each year as of late. None of this “We’re hoping to compete” bulljive, not for Mike Martz and the Navy and Gold. We don’t play that kind of game and I believe that’s what brings people into the fan base. The 90s were rough, no doubt, but it helps you appreciate where Saint Louis is and where they’ve come from. Anyhow, Philadelphia’s up next and suddenly the road doesn’t seem as daunting as it did before. Koy Detmer is NO Donovan McNabb and I think we’ll see even more of the rust fall off of Kurt, allowing him his first victory as a starter this season. Saint Louis Rams 31 Philadelphia Eagles 17.

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