Saturday Linehan AM & PM Press Conferences

Saturday Linehan AM & PM Press Conferences

Coach Linehan talked to the media after both practices Saturday.

Head Coach Scott Linehan
July 26, 2008

(After AM Practice)

(Open Remarks)
"It is great weather for training (camp), this is nice. We got a lot of things in and we have made a lot of progress. It is going to (tough) for the offense early in camp and we want perfection but it is good to see that we are playing consistent throughout. I believe by the middle of today's practice, Donnie Avery's (contract) was done and that is good to get that in and out of the way. He will be here this afternoon catching up and getting a little extra reps. But other than that, we are in our routine and we are going to start pushing our guys. We know fatigue will be a factor but I think we are in pretty good shape."

(On Donnie Avery's depth chart situation)
"I don't know. I figured he would be in sooner rather than later. But he is close by and he will be here soon." 

(On Fakhir Brown injury situation)
"We just did a precautionary MRI because it was fairly sore this morning. It was sore enough where we could get an MRI and we haven't gotten anything back yet."

(On RB Antonio Pittman's reps in practice)
"You have to utilize that opportunity as an asset for your team because those guys can use the work. We have a pretty good idea of what Steven (Jackson) is capable of doing, and there is quite a bit unknown about our younger backs. I think it's a great opportunity for him and the other guys to move up the ladder and get reps with the other groups.

(On the damage of WR Donnie Avery missing two practices)
"The damage is minimal, but you don't want to miss any practices or any reps. Like I said, I would have been surprised if it had gone past today. We somewhat planned for it when he didn't make the trip, but it will be good to get him back out here and we will catch him up on his reps. I believe (President of Football Operations) Jay Zigmunt said he was down the road, I think he caught a flight up here yesterday, so he should be here soon."

(On OL Orlando Pace's presence at training camp)
"There is luck involved in this game and Orlando (Pace) has had some bad luck the last two years, but generally luck doesn't stay bad. I think he has really worked hard to get himself into as good of shape as he has been in a long time. You can not worry all day about injuries and things happening to guys, but you just have to think positive and know you have brighter days ahead."

(On what OL Orlando Pace means to the offense)
"Left tackles are hard to come by and he is one of the best of all time. I think it's hard to come by guys like that and you miss them when they are gone. You can't really replace them. I think the biggest thing is that it is uplifting for a team to have him in there. He has really worked himself into the position to stay healthy this year and I am not really focused on what happened in the past. I'm just focused on what we are going to do from here on out. "

(On RB Steven Jackson's contract updates)
"Nothing, nothing that I know of."

(On RB Brian Leonard's position at full back)
"He is a hybrid. He is playing really split time right now. Because Steven (Jackson) is not here, he is playing a little bit more at half back. We will utilize him at full back a number of plays to get his snaps and reps in there. There will be times when he is at full back and there will be times when he is at tight end. We want to get him on the field."


Head Coach Scott Linehan
July 26, 2008

(After PM Practice)

(Opening Statements)
"We had a couple guys that were banged up a little bit. One thing is (CB) Fakhir (Brown), his MRI came with a pretty good sprain in the shoulder. It's something that will keep him out a couple weeks. We'll kind of stay conservative with it. If it was an in-season situation he would be probably a game-time decision, that kind of thing. But, for right now we have to see if we can get him back. We have a couple other guys that had some nagging things that pulled them out. I think, (WR Keenan) Burton and (DE C.J.) Ah You were limited the second half of practice, but other than that we're three practices in so we're still pretty safe."

(On the severity of injuries for WR Keenan Burton and DE C.J. Ah You)
"I think we just have tendonitis with (WR Keenan) Burton and I don't know exactly what (DE C.J.) Ah You's issue is. It's a leg problem, but I'll have to find out exactly what kept him out. I think he might have strained a quad or something."

(On how Donnie Avery looked in his first practice)
"He looked good, fresh legs and very lively. I didn't notice that he had any issues with mental things. I know he was real excited to get out here and get everything done. It was good to have him out because we need the depth number one and he also needed the reps to catch up with the couple of practices he missed."

(On how Donnie Avery will get extra reps before practice)
"Really nothing. They have to stay on a really tight schedule so he has to get ready to go for a night meeting but he has a little extra meeting time. He will get harassed enough to get his penalty."

(On how CB Fakhir Brown injury impacting the depth at the cornerback position)
"Yeah I think we are a little light there for going three groups right now in practice. A lot of guys have to take a lot of extra snaps which is part of the deal. We will certainly look at as far as possiblily adding another player at that position. We have to figure out what we have to do to make that happen. But right now we are not planning on doing anything, we just plan on picking up extra slack with other guys."

(On how Fakhir Brown got hurt)
"I don't know if you guys saw him but he kinda got tangled up on a route. Really was not contact, just fell down, kinda reached out and fell funny."

(On where the injury took place)
"It was just on that sideline over there in I think 7-on-7, the first day. It really didn't look on film like it was going to be anything but we did the MRI and there was a slight tear of his rotator cuff which is not going to be anything he has to have surgery for or anything like that would keep him out for a few weeks."

(On LB Will Witherspoon)
"I think now that we have been able to get to that point we can do as many things that can help us win on defense. He is certainly one of our more effective players so that wont change it just does not put you in the position where he just has to be the guy. Sometimes maybe they will think he will be the guy and we use somebody else for that. So I think that is something that mostly makes us better and it gives us some versatility with him."

(On LB Will Witherspoon rushing the quarterback)
"No, you want to keep that going I think that is good thing just to keep in our playbook."

 (On any updates about RB Steven Jackson)
"No I have not heard anything. I promise you if I do I will tell you guys." Recommended Stories

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