UPDATED Avery Agrees to Terms

UPDATED Avery Agrees to Terms

Second-round pick Donnie Avery has agreed to terms on a four-year contract and was expected to be on the field for Saturday's afternoon practice.


WR Donnie Avery
July 26, 2008

(On how it feels to be at training camp)
"Oh yeah it's great to be out here. I said I really wanted to get with the team day one. I came down, I didn't fly with the team, but I was down here the same day as the team in a hotel. In a taxi it took me like 30 minutes to get to my hotel. So I just rode the public bus every where I had to go, my suitcases had been down here. So I just caught the public bus to go get some hygiene stuff and some clothes to wear."

(On if he was in Mequon)
"Yeah, I was staying at a hotel near by. You know, I wanted to be here as soon as possible when they called me."

(On when he arrived)
"Same day as the Rams got here."

(On coming late to training camp)
"Yeah, I was disappointed that I missed a couple practices, but at the same time I'm glad to be here. I really didn't want to be the guy that missed practice, but at the same time I had to get the communication things right with the organization and my agent. So we got it handled and I'm glad to be out here."

(On his relationship with his agent)
"Well, you know, I let him handle his business. I'm a football player, not a business guy so I let him handle his business with the organization. I was just waiting by the phone, waiting to get out here."

(On getting a hug from WR Torry Holt at practice)
"Oh yeah, it was great. He is real good guy. I know he's gonna stay on my butt, so it was great to get that embrace from him."

(On getting ‘razzed' by other players)
"No, ya know, they know I'm a good guy. And they know I'm not going to just hold for anything or just won't show up so everybody was okay with it."

(On if RB Steven Jackson was at his hotel)
"If he was I didn't see him."

(On what it was like waiting in his hotel)
"Well, I'm the type of guy; I hate being inside. So like I said, I was on the public bus going places, going to the market and (getting) clothes so I could wear and stuff cause my suitcase is here. And I was in the hotel room doing sit-ups and push-ups and running around the hotel and stuff just trying to stay in shape so I won't come out here out of shape."

(On if he held out because the was the first wide receiver chosen)
"I really don't know. I really don't know about that but everything is handled."



St. Louis Rams second-round pick Donnie Avery has agreed to terms on a four-year contract and was expected to be on the field for Saturday's afternoon practice.

"It's good to get that one out of the way," coach Scott Linehan said.

The wide receiver has been in Mequon since Friday so he could get on the field as soon as the contract was done, and he took a physical.

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