Martz On The Mike - Sept. 12, 13

Martz On The Mike - Sept. 12, 13

Martz comments on Eric Crouch's Retirement, Giants DE Michael Strahan, T John St. Clair, RB Lamar Gordon, the teams' emotions, RB J.R. Niklos, and if there is a greater sense of urgency after losing to the Broncos

Martz On The Mike - Sept. 12, 13
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September 12

on WR eric crouch's retirement:
"Eric had just gotten to the point, I guess, where he was frustrated with some of the injuries and whatnot. He surprised all of us with his announcement. This is clearly a very personal decision, and I talked to him at length on Friday about it. I asked him how he wanted to do it. At that point I just asked him to take some time and reflect on it, make sure it's what he wanted. Of course he met with his agent, Jim Steiner and his family and made that decision, so we miss him the best of luck."

on DE michael strahan:
"He's a premiere pass-rusher and everybody's got to give him a couple change ups in terms of trying to… you've got to when you're trying to throw the football. And they'll be times when John's [St. Clair] got him by himself so that's just where it is."

on the challenge facing T john st. clair:
"Like I said, I think he's the premiere pass rusher in the league. Trevor's [Pryce] good, Marcellus Wiley's a good player. He's seen some pretty good players at this point so I'm sure he's excited about the opportunity."

on the rivalry with the giants:
"I think it's a very competitive situation. I think these teams like to play each other. Our rivalry has been and always will be until the end of time the San Francisco 49ers. And that's our rivalry. That's the one that we lay claim to.

on TE ernie conwell's condition:
"Good. We kept him out of the contact part of it and let him do the pass routes and whatnot. He'll do everything tomorrow."

on G adam timmerman's knee:
"He did an awful lot on it yesterday. We kept him out of some things today just to let him recover. But I think he'll be just fine."

on WR terrence wilkins being the kick returner:
"I haven't decided yet. I think we'll use him, if we start off with him, I haven't talked to Bobby [April] about that. We've got a couple of options there. Trung's [Candidate] in the picture, Lamar's [Gordon] in the picture, we'll just see."

on RB lamar gordon's status as kick returner:
"No, he's not out of the picture. He's a young player that made a mistake and you've got to let a young player that makes a mistake like that come back again. That's why he returned the very next kick off. We waited before we replaced him. We would never replace him in the next kick off, you don't want to destroy a guy. He'll get another opportunity."

on WR troy edward's condition:
"Fantastic, real good. I'm very pleased with Troy. He's not ready to play. He's still testing that knee out. He's had a real good week of practice and he's still trying to pick up the system a little bit and he was in the huddle, running plays a little bit today. I think next week we can look at the possibility of starting to incorporate him into some things."

September 13

do you feel that emotionally the team is off and running?:
"I think that were getting back into the high preparation approach that we were in a year ago. I feel much better this week in terms of the focus and the energy level that we're used to having. Obviously, everybody's in the same boat that we are. You get better as the year goes on. We're approaching what we expect at practice right now, so I would expect we would play well."

on being back at home for a meaningful game:
"Well they're all meaningful. That one last week was pretty meaningful. I think that our players really enjoy playing at home. I think anytime any team in the league has a chance to be at home against a quality team like the Giants, you look forward to that. That's why you play, in games like this, a play-off atmosphere."

who's going to return kicks:
"I don't know yet, I haven't decided. We worked a couple of guys back there. I'm not sure yet, I'll talk to Bobby [April] in our afternoon meeting and I think we'll probably decide."

will WR troy edwards play this week:
"Troy won't be up this week. What we did is we practiced him this week just so he got used to coming back on that knee and making cuts and doing those things. I would expect we would have Troy next week."

on RB j.r. niklos:
"He worked into scout team stuff. He ran off the cards at fullback, he did all those things."

on T john st. clair:
"He started off so technique-oriented, the physical aspect of the game was what concerned me more than anything else. He's really met that challenge over the last few weeks. And actually I feel really well about last week."

on giants DE michael strahan:
"He's been playing for a long time and he has a great feel for technique and you don't really know what you're going to get on any given snap. Technique wise he can bull rush you he can change the speed and gets on the edge on you. He understands and studies the protections and understands his opponent real well."

is there a greater sense of urgency after losing the opener and having to go to tampa bay next week:
"No, we just take each game for what it is. I think no matter what you're going to do the next or what you did the last week, that has no bearing on this week. What that does is serve as a distraction, when you worry about those things. These guys, and this game is enough in itself and we understand how important it is, and it will be a playoff atmosphere."

on TE ernie conwell's condition:
"He went through practice today fine."

on G adam timmerman's condition:
"We gave him a couple of doughnuts and he's ready to go." Recommended Stories

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