Martz On The Mike - Sept. 11

Martz On The Mike - Sept. 11

Mike Martz comments on Troy Edwards, James Hodgins, the Giants CB Jason Sehorn, the players mood, team expectations and DT Brian Youngs play against Denver.

Martz On The Mike: Sept. - 11
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on game:
"I think from a health standpoint we go into this game pretty well. (TE) Ernie (Conwell) has a little bit of a problem with a stinger in his shoulder, which may limit him to some extent, but we will see where he is as the week goes on. We will try to keep him out of the contact here in the next day or two and just let that quiet down. By in large, I think we are in pretty good shape physically."

on WR troy edwards:
"He is going to do some work this week. He has been cleared. This will be his first opportunity to run some pass routes. He has been back there trying to learn some of the formations and the plays and simulate some of the things is his mind that are going on. He is a very intelligent guy and he seems to pick this stuff up pretty well. I am anxious to see him as an athlete."

can he play this week?:
"Probably not. I think if he did then I would think that it would be to help in special teams. He was a very effective special teams player at Pittsburgh. He did a great job on kickoff returns and he ran down on kickoff returns. That will be part of his role as he works his way back."

on FB james hodgins:
"He is a hammer. I think he is the best lead blocker in the league. Of course, everybody has one they think they like. I think James would get a lot of votes from around the league when they watch him lead on linebackers. The thing that James has learned this offense so well he gives us that much more flexibility to do things."

on giants CB jason sehorn:
"He is doing a good job. They have him in the slot as the nickel back and he harassed San Francisco pretty well. He did a good job. They got after the receivers pretty well."

on giants defense:
"I think the basis of the scheme is the same. They are less aggressive on the dogs and blitzes, I think they rely a little bit more on playing the scheme, a little bit like we do. They play good defense.

on players mood today:
"I haven't really asked them. I talked to them this morning and it is a fairly somber mood. We are all very disappointed, but we have a chance to do something about that this week."

on seeing game tape from the denver game:
"I think as you watch that thing transpire it is pretty easy to see what was going on. I think what the tape looked like is what it looked like at the time, which is one of those situations that doesn't always occur, but I think it is true of that situation."

on G adam timmerman's knee:
"You have to ask the trainers exactly where he is with his knee. He will practice today and he practiced all last week. It is a little sore. How much it limits his play, I don't know."

what kind of challenges to the giants present this year?:
"I think that their front four are very good. I think the corners are playing exceptionally well defensively. Offensively, I think with (Jeremy) Shockey in their as their tight end I opens up with them and they are trying to get him the ball. They have done a great job with him, so there is a new dimension for them on offense as well."

on matchup between T john st. clair and giants DE michael strahan:
"He (St. Clair) is working on his doctorate right now."

on team's expectations:
"I think everybody's expectations are a little different. We expected to play better than what we did, obviously. Our expectations are always high. There is a standard that we set for ourselves that we really try to play to every week. I don't know that anyone has any higher standards or expectations for themselves than these players do."

on DE leonard little:
"I think he is fine. I am not aware of it being an issue right now."

on DT brian young's play against denver:
"Brian played very well. So did Big Grease (DT Ryan Pickett), I thought he was exceptional. And Aeneas (Williams) played as well as he has every played. Adam (Archuleta) showed up big too." Recommended Stories

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