Martz On The Mike - Aug. 30, 31

Martz On The Mike - Aug. 30, 31

Martz comments on Troy Edwards, injuries, the play of the first unit, released players, Frank Garcia, the offensive line, and the play of the Rams Defense.

Martz On The Mike - Aug. 30, 31
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August 30
The Pittsburgh Steelers' top draft pick, Troy Edwards, runs back a punt as Chicago Bears punter Todd Sauerbrun reaches for him in the second quarter of a preseason game in Pittsburgh on Friday, Aug. 13, 1999. The Steelers beat the Bears 30-23. (AP Photo/Keith Srakocic)

on trade for WR troy edwards:
"We finished a deal today in a trade for Troy Edwards from Pittsburgh right before the game. He is a wide receiver and we have a sixth round draft pick. We just felt it necessary at this time to continue to add to the depth at wide receiver. I was very pleased with the kids we were looking at tonight. I thought Dane Looker was outstanding and I thought Francis St. Paul did a good job. I was very pleased with both of those kids. Nonetheless, it was an opportunity to add somebody that really fits the mold of what we look for in a wide receiver."

on injuries:
"C Frank Garcia with an ankle. It is not broken, but it is an ankle sprain. He was in quite a bit of pain out there. I don't imagine we will have him for a number of weeks. TE Ernie Conwell has a mild groin injury and CB Dexter McCleon has a mild calf strain."

on play of first unit:
"I was very pleased with the first group in the first half. We tried to get them on track. I wanted to get Kurt and Marshall in it and the two receivers (Isaac Bruce and Torry Holt), which I thought we did. I thought we played pretty well, I thought the defense played well.

who is your backup center?:
"Heath Irwin, he is a really good center. Fortunately we have him. He has had just a teriffic camp. Heath has really come on and done a tremendous job for us."

how nice is it to have the preseason over with?:
"The biggest thing is that you like your ones to play well in the preseason. And, for the most part, we have done a pretty good job with the ones. We tried to get things game ready here in the first half for next week. We tried to get them in that environment, on grass, in a hostile environment, so it is good to have that part out of it."

August 31

on players released:
"Let me give you the guys we released today. DT Luis Almanzar, WR Will Blackwell, we have reached a settlement with, S Willie Gary, LB Michael Hawkes, DT Terry Jolly, RB Dustin McClintock, WR Chris Taylor, and we have been able to reach an agreement with WR Anthony Tucker. Those are the guys that we have gone ahead and released today."

on injury to c frank garcia:
"In terms of injuries, C Frank Garcia, doesn't have the dreaded high ankle sprain, it is just an ankle sprain. There is no fracture. I would think that we would get him back in relatively short order. He should be fine."

on monday schedule:
"On Monday we will run and lift, we will not practice. We have so many guys that need time to recover from some things that I think that extra two days from not hitting each other will help us a great deal. We will still condition and lift. We have about 10-12 guys that would really benefit from a little extra time off at this point. We will start our preparation for the Broncos in full like we would normally do for a regular season game."

on LB michael hawkes:
"I think that Michael, like so many of those guys from Europe, is probably a little tired. He had to go through that whole camp routine again. People don't realize how difficult that is. He played football for one solid year, basically."

on WR troy edwards:
"I think that there was such great value there that Jay (Zygmunt) started talking about this and we started looking at it and he really fits the profile of what we are looking for in a wide receiver. We really liked him coming out (of college). He has played in this league and played really well. He has a slight knee that will take a couple of weeks to heal. This is a situation that whenever he learns what is going on, he learns it. Barring any injury to the receiver group, we can structure his learning curve. Then when he is ready to go, he is ready to go."

does he have speed?:
"I thought he had excellent speed coming out, I don't think he has lost any in the few years that he has been in the league."

more on edwards:
"We are going to be patient with him. This is a bonus for us that is how we look at it at this point. Once he knows the system and he is healthy, it is whatever he can make of it. That is what he role will be."

on 2002 preseason:
"The biggest issue is the injuries. You try so hard to get guys through the preseason and give them just enough work to get prepared for the regular season, but nonetheless get them to the regular season healthy. I was very pleased with our ones and where we are right now."

on rams offensive line:
"The offensive line is better at this point than we were a year ago as a group. Our ones on the offensive line played really well in the preseason. They have been really physical. Adam Timmerman is the leader of that group. Adam has just had a tremendous camp. "

on play of T john st. clair against kansas city:
"He was really good. He is still learning to play a little bit. He was very physical in his pass protection. Technique-wise he was good. He is getting a lot better."

on playing brian young at DE:
"We think that Brian has some real value out there for us, as a first down end, possibly. We were trying to get a look at him and some other guys in different roles and situations and on special teams as well."

on DT damione lewis:
"His foot is sore. It is going to be sore. He knows that the bone has healed and the doctors are comfortable with that part of it right now. It is just a question of the soreness and he pain that he is going to have to play with for a while."

on play of defense:
"DT Tyoka Jackson I thought was exceptional. I thought he did a very good job. We had some guys on defense last night that somebody forgot to tell them it was a preseason game. LB Tommy Polley was exceptional. I thought S Adam Archuleta was exceptional, DT Brian Young was exceptional, Tyoka was exceptional, and CB Dre' Bly was. Those guys approached this thing like it was a playoff game. They had that mentality. I was very proud of the way they approached it."

on rams play in preseason:
"I am very pleased. I think we are futher along in a lot of aspects with this team than we were this time last year. I think that the two's on defense have been very disappointing throughout the preseason. I think that really kind of smothers the success that this team has had. Three of our preseason games we have given up so many points in the second half. But, you have to realize that we have so many of our starters out on defense that the two's move up to fill up the first half so that you are really not playing with some of the two's. We just have not played well with a lot of those guys in the second group in the second half of the game anytime in the preseason." Recommended Stories

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