Martz On The Mike - Aug. 26

Martz On The Mike - Aug. 26

Martz comments on Jamie Martin, the loss of Hodgins, Terrence Wilkins, the competition for the last receiver spots, and more.

Martz On The Mike - Aug. 26
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on jamie martin:
"Well, he has lobbed the ball around a little bit. They treated him with some cortisone here a couple days ago. He's much improved, but in terms of having him for this game, I'm not sure what will happen this week. I'd like him to play a little bit. I'm not sure that will happen. I'm feel pretty confident that will have him for the Broncos."

St. Louis Rams quarterback Jamie Martin is sacked by Tennessee Titans defensive end Kevin Carter (93) in the second quarter of their pre-season game on Saturday, Aug. 10, 2002 in Nashville, Tenn. (AP Photof/John Russell)

on martin's timing being off now because of his injury:
"That's always a concern. Obviously he does know it, but just playing in the game and the speed of it…it has really helped Marc Bulger a great deal to play as much as he has. I'm sure Marc will draw on that and get better for it. A lot of those snaps we're kind of hoping that Jamie would have been taking at this point. I'd like to play him in this game. I hope he is available, but we'll just see."

on the loss of hodgins:
"I'm not sure anybody can do what [James Hodgins] does in terms of being a lead blocker. He's a pretty big force in there. But we'll do some of the same things. We can put Ernie back there as well."

on terrence wilkins:
"I think next week he'll be fine. As this week goes on, we're going to try to get him a little more each day. He's much better today than he was two days ago. That's good news. I think we'll have him next week. I feel confident that we'll have him."

on the competition for the last receiver spots:
"Dane (Looker) is looking real good at practice. We'll just keep it stirred up and just see what they do this game. There's a lot on the line for these guys in this game, so we'll give them a good opportunity."

on WR yo murphy:
"He's our fourth receiver right now. Actually, he's our third receiver. When Ricky's back he'll be our fourth receiver."

on cutting players:
"I think it sorts itself out pretty well, but it's always hard to cut somebody. You're talking about someone's livelihood. So it's always hard."

on going into denver with bulger as the backup qb:
"Yeah, I'm okay with Marc. There are some things, obviously, that you need to be careful with in terms of what Marc does, you know, that sort of thing. But, he is a very accurate guy."

on the team's condition compared to last year:
"Actually, to be honest with you, the ones in preseason have played better than we did a year ago on both sides of the ball. I know it doesn't reflect in the record, but the offensive line has played very well in the preseason, very well. The ones, I'm talking about the ones now, Kurt feels real good. I think we've given him just the right amount of work, but he'll get quite a bit of work probably in the first half in this game."

on QB kurt warner:
"Well, he feels good. His arm…we've really tried to watch how many throws he has. You know, he's been doing this…this is his fourth season now, so he has a good feel for what we are trying to do."

on DT ryan pickett being close to ready:
"I think he is. Watching him, he did some individual out there. He felt real good this morning. But, we'll see how he feels tomorrow after running around on it today."

on S nick sorensen recovering quickly:
"He ran the other day and had no adverse reaction from it. So, he came out really good today and was feeling pretty good. That's pretty good."

on how WR ricky proehl looked today:
"Pretty good. He's worked his way in. He ran real hard yesterday. He came out yesterday and ran routes real hard. He's still probably a week away. But if this were the regular season he'd play this week."

on the health of the backups:
"I feel better. Getting [Damione Lewis] and [Ryan Pickett] back…both those guys and of course we've got three defensive lineman now coming back. I think that with Ricky coming back and Terrence coming back…the problem is they all come back in the one week you're trying to get ready and they've missed an awful lot of work. That's three or four weeks that they've missed. That makes you nervous and you have a tendency Recommended Stories

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