Martz On The Mike: Aug. 23

Martz On The Mike: Aug. 23

Martz comments on the preseason game against San Diego, John St. Clair, Gordon and Candidate, and the play of Marc Bulger.

Martz On The Mike: Aug. 23
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on game against san diego:

"We were like they were on offense in the first half, very conservative. We just wanted to run the ball a little bit. I was trying to get the ball in a certain guys hand in a situation and try to find out about some guys, and put some pressure on them and do some things that we would not do during the regular season. Just to put guys in situations and get some questions and answers about these guys."

Jackie Slater, left, a former Rams offensive lineman and member of the NFL Hall of Fame, talks with St. Louis Rams' John St. Clair during training camp in Macomb, Ill., Sunday, July 28, 2002. (AP Photo/James A. Finley)

on play of T john st. clair:

"Big John played very well. He has come light years in the past two weeks. If he continues to progress like this he is really going to be a good player."

more on st. clair:

"He made the transition from the left side over to the right side. That doesn't seem like it is a big deal, but it is a whole different stance. It is a big deal. He was pretty good over at the left side; that is why we like him so much, he was doing well over there. It is a little like taking a receiver that is new to you and all they do is thinking about running routes and forget to catch the ball. It is a little bit like that."

on play of RB's lamar gordon and trung canidate:

"I want them to be a heck of a lot more intense and play a lot faster and a lot more physical than what we saw last night. That bothered me to watch them play, I was not happy with them at all. They both to me looked like neither one wanted to play. That is hard for me to imagine. That is probably not the case, but that is the feeling that I got."

on play of QB marc bulger:

"Marc is not too bad. He made some plays in there. At that position, he just needs to play, a lot. And, that is why he is playing a lot. He is going through what Kurt (Warner) and a lot of the other quarterbacks have gone through. He is a little ways away yet, obviously, he is not ready to play, yet. But, I think eventually he will be fine."

on bulger's second interception:

"He just missed. He just flat missed. That is probably the best ball that he throws. He threw it way outside instead of taking him in with his throw. The ball just got away from him and he missed the throw. That is the one thing that we hold these guys accountable for at that position is the accuracy. When you have the chance you have to throw it. But, when he makes an error like that you can't just pull them out of there and not throw him and all of that stuff. He just needs to keep playing and let him fight his way through. I thought he did a pretty good job."

on WR francis st. paul:

"I was happy with his effort. He has come a long way in the last year, just in his approach to the game. There was a time when he got here I thought he was going to ask for everybody's autograph. He has gone through all of that. You have to realize that a kid coming out of NAU (Northern Arizona University) to the Rams with those receivers, you are going to have some big eyes. I think he has adjusted really well to all of that." Recommended Stories

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