Martz on the Mike - Aug, 21

Martz on the Mike - Aug, 21

Martz comments on the preseason, Cameron Spikes, Kurt Warner's playing time, and calling plays during the preseason.

Martz on the Mike - Aug, 21
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Saint Louis Rams running back Lamar Gordon (34) breaks away from Tennessee Titans linebacker Rocky Boiman (50) to score a touchdown on an 8-yard pass play in the fourth quarter of their pre-season game on Saturday, Aug. 10, 2002 in Nashville, Tenn. The touchdown brought the Rams within 2 points of the Titans, but the Rams' 2-point conversion attempt failed. The Titans defeated the Rams, 28-26. (AP Photof/John Russell)

are you ready for the preseason to be over?:
"You would like to get all of the guys back and ready to go. We are anxious to start the season. We have done a lot of good work. We have seen a lot of players that we really didn't know about and we have had some guys step to the forefront, which is always good. If you look at the preseason for a guy like (TE) Brandon (Manumaleuna), he has been terrific. (RB) Lamar (Gordon) has emerged. The two young safeties look like they will be really good players, so there are a lot of really good things that have come out of this preseason so far."

on G cameron spikes:
"We just have to watch him play. He will have the opportunity to play and he has to establish himself, obviously. What opportunity he has, he has to take full advantage of it."

is it too late to make a good impression?:
"It is never too late, you are always as good as your last performance, so to speak. I think that is true here. We are just waiting for some of these guys to show up and make some plays. We have had a lot of them do that, we would like to see a couple more do that."

on playing time of RB marshall faulk:
"Marshall wants to play. He came to me during the week and said that he thinks he really needs to play some in this game, and I agree. The speed of the game is so much different out here in practice, as much as we try to simulate it, it is still not the same. We will be careful with him. He still needs to get knocked around and tackled and do those things, so he will play a little bit and we will get him out of there."

how much will QB kurt warner play this week?:
"We will just see how it goes. You like to get him going a little bit with the first group. We will see, probably about as much as he played last week."

on calling plays during the preseason:
"The preseason has nothing to do with plays. We pretty much use the same game plan every week. There is not really anything dramatic about what we do, it is very simple stuff. We are just watching guys play and trying to get them going in that direction with the techniques."

on LB jamie duncan:
"He has fit in very well with our players. He knows this defense very well, he has been in it for five years. He creates another dimension for us at that position in pass coverage. Some of the coverages that we ask him to do are a little bit different than a middle linebacker is used to doing. He has done a good job."

on rams secondary coach carlos mainord:
"It is so easy for me to hire defensive coaches. You just look at the product on the field. Not just how good their players are, but their techniques and intensity and the passion with which they play the game and I have always had great admiration for his group of players wherever he has been and how they play the game. The way they compete and how well schooled they are. Bringing him in here has really helped us in that respect. I think that he has really brought a great deal of discipline to that group and the knowledge of the techniques. He is as good with the younger players as well as older veterans. I think he has been a tremendous addition for us." Recommended Stories

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