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Rams-Vikings Rivalry: A Casualty Of Relocation

Rams-Vikings Rivalry: A Casualty Of Relocation

A pragmatic examination of the phenomenon of professional sports team rivalries could never produce any reasonable evidence that would make sense to a person with no interest in competitive sport. All one needs to know however, is that the fires that burn in many fans' guts when their team meets their own version of Darth Vader, fueled by years of often mixed experiences, is very strong and very very real. Is a league that chooses to ignore their worth slowly dowsing those flames of passion?

Rams-Vikings Rivalry: A Casualty Of Relocation By Rams Nation's Barry Waller Most younger football fans seem to live far more for the immediate rush of winning, and are attracted far more to the highly visible superstars that the NFL promotes than about building any idea of long term rivalries. The enjoyment of football on Sundays for this new generation of fans can often seem just... Recommended Stories

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