On The Record - Sunday, 27.jul.2003

On The Record - Sunday, 27.jul.2003

Rams Head Coach Mike Martz and Head Trainer Jim Anderson go "On The Record" and talk about the injury to Safety Jason Sehorn.

On The Record - Sunday, 27.jul.2003

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Rams Head Coach Mike Martz

On Injury To S Jason Sehorn
"Unfortunately the news with Jason is not good. He did fracture the fifth metatarsal of the (left) foot. This will require surgery; they will put a screw in there. It was the same thing that (former Rams' RB) James Hodgins had. The good thing to this, if there is good news, is we should have him back by the fifth game of the season. That is still a lot of playing time. There is a lot of the season left. We will get him back, but we are going to miss him in the early part of the season. We will move on, but I feel bad for Jason, he was doing so well. He fit in so well and learned our system. It looked like he was making a lot of plays out there on the field. It is just one of those freak things that happened. The thing we have to focus on at this point is that we are going to get him back and there is an awful lot of the season left to play. That in itself is good news, unfortunately for the time being he is going to have some surgery and he is going to be out for a little while."

How Long Will He Be Out?
"About 10 weeks, two and a half months."

Did You Have A Chance To Look At The Practice Tape?
"I haven't seen the practice tape yet on the injury. I will see it here in about 20 minutes. I didn't see the injury at the time. I was in the back of the huddle talking to the quarterbacks."

On S Kim Herring
"Kim has had a great camp. It is like anything else. It is like Trent's (Green) situation. You feel bad about the player and he was having such a terrific camp, but by the same token, we are going to be fine with Kim. He has started for the past two years and played well and he is having the best camp he has had so far. He is by far better than he was a year ago and a year prior to that. I think Jason being here has helped him. It is not a situation that is going to affect us on that respect. Kim is going to out and play well. But, Jason is pretty unique, really, and we will get him back and have two good safeties there."

More on Injury
"It was just one of those things that happens. There is nothing you can do. It is a non-contact drill, there is just nothing you can do. It is just one of those things, bad luck, I guess."

Rams Head Trainer Jim Anderson

On Injury
"I haven't seen the film, but he thought he got pushed from the side as he was coming down. He just came down awkward on the foot."

What Will Happen Next?
"We did the x-rays here and then they will operate on him in St. Louis tomorrow morning."

What Do You Mean By An Acute Fracture?
"It was just a one-time episode today and it broke. If he had a stress fracture, he could have a stress fracture there over a period of time and then it breaks through the bone after the fact. This is just a one-time thing. He came down on it awkward and the bone snapped."

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