The Roving Ram - Rounds the Horn

The Roving Ram - Rounds the Horn

It&#8217;s here! It&#8217;s here! <br> The weekend is finally here, ladies and gents and with it comes another edition of the Roving Ram chocked full of news, quips and the return of Blanky&#8217;s Mailbag! So sit back, put up your feet and enjoy the ride.<br>

The Roving Ram - Rounds the Horn
By Rams Nation's Brandon Cavanaugh

- Bucs’ Latest Catch Enjoying Fresh Start

Thomas Jones, a former Arizona Cardinal and latest acquisition by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, is happy to be somewhere new. “Honestly, I look at it as a blessing. The whole off-season I waited to see what they were going to do, and somehow I ended up coming here. I am definitely happy to be where I am right now," Jones stated. “I'm not going to say I'm happy to be out of Arizona, because I'm not going to talk bad about the organization. I have respect for them, and they are an NFL organization. I'm definitely thankful to be here in Tampa." Boy, I tell ya, first you lose Aeneas Williams, which was a blessing for we Rams. Then you lose Jake Plummer and David Boston, now even Jones is ditching the Cards. Well, at least they have Emmitt Smith…right?

- Kearse Ready to Terrorize Backfields

Jevon Kearse fondly remembers making quarterbacks shiver and runningbacks quake and now that his left foot has finally healed, he’s ready for more. Kearse realizes, however, that after the two operations on his foot, people don’t really know what to expect from the former Pro Bowler. “I'm pretty sure they're hoping I don't come back full speed. A lot of people don't know what it's going to be like or what I'm going to bring," Kearse stated. "I'm going to come back better than I did my rookie season. I have to prove myself again." Jevon’s a beast, at least he was when he’s healthy, but I just can’t see how two surgeries on the same foot are going to do anything but hinder him. He may still have his quickness, but I think he may have lost a second or two and that may hurt him.

- Packers’ Johnson Pleads Innocent

Green Bay Packer Defensive End Joe Johnson has waived an arraignment and pled innocent to charges of marijuana possession. Max Richardson, Johnson’s lawyer, entered the plea and said that Johnson will be able to file motions and request a jury or bench trial as of July 17. Johnson had been charged after a police officer saw his car pulled over on the side of the road on May 22nd. He then posted $1,625 in bond and was released the same day. Man, I tell ya, what’s the deal with all of these defensive ends and tackles doing dope? I mean, it’s not like it’s a performance enhancing drug…or so I’ve been told.

- AFL Coach Papasedero Dies in Crash

Fran Papasedero, Head Coach of the Orlando Predators, died Friday in a car crash after he lost control of his vehicle. His car was found overturned several times, police reported. It was not known immediately if any drugs or alcohol was involved in the wreck. Papasedero had replaces Jon Gruden’s brother, Jay, as president because Jay wanted to come back to the AFL as a quarterback. “I already miss him so much," Gruden stated. "He was a breath of fresh air whenever he walked into a room. He was the life of the party, always going to put a smile on everybody's face. That's going to be irreplaceable." Gridiron Gateway sends its condolences to the Papasedero family.

- The Roving Roundup: Dolphins Re-sign Gadsden and Ex-Bronco Sentenced,

- The Miami Dolphins have re-signed their leading receiver in 2000 and 2001, Oronde Gadsden. Gadsden signed a one-year contract worth a base of $530,000. "It's been a roller-coaster of emotions, definitely," said Gadsden, who had been an unrestricted free agent and sought a longer, more-lucrative deal. "We did what we could. It's not a total loss. I'm looking forward to playing some football."

- Former Denver Broncos Safety Mike Harden has been sentenced to six year in prison after defrauding about 15 people of $64,500.

- Blanky’s Mailbag

Finally, today, we have a rant from the Mailbag’s most frequent contributor, MrNittys! He speaks out on the current holdout of Orlando Pace

MrNittys says, “I am sick of holdouts. You know, the guys, who can and won’t? Right now I’d take two Donald Ducks for Orlando Pace without batting an eye. He’s like a Whimpy without a burger. Play or not the Rams are looking at some bad feelings, flying around over this guy and is he worth it? BRING ON THE DUCKS.I can’t stand to see one player (regardless of his talent), holding an entire team by the feathers.

I think we need to add a new deadline in football. June 1st of every year should be GET OFF THE POT DAY. Settle up your dealings and let your team begin functioning with you, or stay on the pot, lose any chance at all of a starting position and watch from the pot as they function without you. Rumer has it that Pace is working out with Rev. Ike. Now that will pacify me for at least another year or two. Pace, Pace, Pace. How about Change of Pace? If he stays on the pot any longer he could be the first man to hang himself by falling through the waistband of his boxer shorts.”

Also, we have a question from conr1053, “Hello, will the rams go after Randall Godfrey?”

Blanky Says: Personally, I don’t see it happening. You’ve already got Robert Thomas, Tommy Polley and Jamie Duncan who can do an adequate job, plus you’ve got Piso Tinoisamoa and Scott Shanle fresh off of the draft as projects, not to mention Courtland Bullard, Hakim Akbar and Maurice Rodriguez. If a few of those don’t pan out, the Rams may go after Godfrey, but with the abundance, I really can’t see it.

Well, that was a mouthful, wasn’t it? Hopefully that helped make up for some of the lighter versions of the Roving Ram we had earlier in the week. Enjoy your weekend folks and be sure to watch the Championship Series of the College World Series between the Stanford University and Rice University. Take care, all.

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