Ram Allocated - Robbie Robinson

<em>Want to talk us through your safety against Rhein Fire</em><br> <b>RR:</b> It was just kinda luck on my part, I was supposed to be covering the tight end and I sneaked a look inside and saw the ball. So I just went after it and didn&#8217;t cover my responsibilities. I&#8217;m still not sure what happened, but whatever I&#8217;m getting credited with the safety and I&#8217;m happy to take it.

Ram Allocated - Robbie Robinson
By Rams Nation's George Pate

Want to talk us through your safety against Rhein Fire
RR: It was just kinda luck on my part, I was supposed to be covering the tight end and I sneaked a look inside and saw the ball. So I just went after it and didn’t cover my responsibilities. I’m still not sure what happened, but whatever I’m getting credited with the safety and I’m happy to take it.

Going into last weeks game , the Claymore’s had put themselves in a must win situation. Who were the players and stood up to be counted .
RR: I won’t want to name anyone in particular but some guys always turn to play. Guys like Bobby Jackson , Darnell Robinson , Deveron Harper and the whole D line on defense always turn up to play and on offense Ken Simonton is the guy. Those are the guys that consistently play hard but everything went our way in that game, it’s not every game where the opposition will fumble the ball three or four times. Those were the things that had been going against us for a few weeks but finally they went our way

How big a part did the weather play
RR: It was tough on them , but it was the same weather for us. I’m not sure if we are more used to practising in the Scottish summer weather. But we played Barcelona in the rain and it didn’t seem to affect them even though they come from the best weather in the league. I think the weather stopped Rhein doing some things they wanted to do on offense but for us it wasn’t a factor.

How big a deal is it to a defense to shut out an opposition
RR: It’s huge. That's what you aim for each week and we’ve had some points scored on us of late so it gives us some confidence for the remaining games of the season. We’ve known all season that we can play, just we’ve finally put it together. The coaches maybe coached a bit smarter , we played a bit smarter and we got the shutout. Last time we played Rhein we made a lot of mental errors , lining up wrong and put ourselves in bad positions. We’d have eight players to the strong side and they’d run weak and we didn’t pick up on it. This time we lined up correctly and we made some adjustments. Last time we played a lot of man to man and although we have good corners, if you leave them out there all game by themselves the offense will make some plays. This time we played a lot more zone coverage and kept everything in front of us and didn’t let them get plays over our heads, that helped a lot

What are the keys to success in the Admirals game
RR: Everybody goes on about their wide receivers but I think they have a couple of excellent running backs and I don’t think they utilise those guys as much as they should, I’d give both of those guys the ball 20 times a game. Hatchette is an NFL quality receiver and their QB Hill is having a great season over here. On defense they rank second in the league so they are pretty good all round

Who do you know on the Admirals roster
RR: The other Rams allocate Todd Howard is over there, I know him from camp and we have some mutual friends. Also from college there is a guy Tugbenyoh Mawuko who played with the Claymores last year and of course there are the guys who were with the Claymores and have been reallocated David Priestly and Keon Moore, so there’s a few guys and it’ll be good to see them but better to beat them.

Have you been keeping up to date with the news from Rams Park
RR: I’m on the Internet a lot to see what been happening. I think to keep up with what is being written about NFLE. I had a lot of phone calls after they signed Jason Sehorn

What do you make of the signing of Sehorn
RR: I’ve been thinking a lot about it, which I don’t usually do. I don’t think it matters who they sign because whatever happens I still have to go and battle for a roster spot. But he’s great addition to the team , he’s a great player , I watched him when he was at USC. Really , my battle isn’t with him, he’s a veteran with nine years in the league and my battle is with the young guys on the roster Sorensen and Bellisari. I think it’s Kim Herring who has a tough battle but that’s not my battle. I’m concentrating on improving my play and my confidence over here but I’m ready to go to camp and I’m looking forward to camp.

Have you had any feedback from the Rams regarding your play over here
RR: I haven't heard anything , just this week some of the guys got letters from their teams but I haven’t had any contact. At the end of the day I have a training camp spot and I need to go over and impress there

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