The Roving Ram - Rounds the Horn

The Roving Ram - Rounds the Horn

Greetings and salutations, O seeker of knowledge! Blankman&#8217;s back with a full plate of end of the week NFL news including: <br> Torry&#8217;s back? Faulk back with the team? Jim Fassel gave a child up for adoption? Will the Roving Roundup appear? Additional generic tagline question? All inside.<br>

The Roving Ram - Rounds the Horn
By Rams Nation's Brandon “Blankman” Cavanaugh

- Holt Sighting and a possible Holt Signing

St. Louis Rams star Torry Holt reported for a Thursday night meeting after getting the feeling that a new contract is almost as good as done. Greg Williams, Holt’s agent, stated that Torry wouldn’t be participating in the meeting and wouldn’t return to St. Louis at all if he didn’t have a new deal in hand. That contract, one that would likely make Holt one of the highest paid receivers in the league, appears to be forthcoming. I hope all turns out right as Torry’s a great addition to the roster and the team as a whole.

- Faulk vs. Dunne: It’s well…done

St. Louis Rams runningback Marshall Faulk is relieved to be done with his court case and back with the team. "My mind's always on football," Faulk stated between practices.. "Regardless if that had been going on or not, I was looking forward to this week and being around the guys and getting a feel for what the new team is going to be like. Because that's what we are -- we're a new team." A Missouri jury debated for less than two hours before ruling in favor of Faulk, against Helen Dunne, a woman who claims Faulk abused her. "I'm sure it's a relief for him to get focused on football and get away from all the things he's had to persevere through in the past week or two," said Rams head coach Mike Martz.

- Giants’ Head Man Fassel Reunited with Adopted Child

Jim and Kitty Fassel have found a son that they gave up for adoption 34 years ago. The Fassels met their son, John Mathieson on Wednesday. "For John, Kitty and myself, we have lived with an unanswerable question for all these years," Jim Fassel quoted to The New York Times. "If someone had granted us one wish in the world, it would always have been to be together and to know things were OK. Instead you carry this question around with you and you never know how it will come out. So to have a day like today, it is a miracle." Mathieson is a general sales manager at a Colorado car dealership whose adopted father, Tom, has passed on.

- Seattle Tight End Charged With Drunken Driving

Seattle Seahawks Tight End Jeremy Stevens has been arrested for drunken driving on Friday, over a month after police found two half-empty champagne bottles on the floor of his vehicle during a traffic stop. Seahawks brass had determined that Stevens had accumulated six other driving offenses since last July.

- The Roving Roundup: Tennessee’s Fisher suggests to “wait and see” on playoffs; an AFL player arrested in prostitution ring; Packers claim Coleman, Pats catch and release and the Chargers claim a WR

Tennessee Titans’ head coach Jeff Fisher has stated that the NFL's competition committee is not looking to make any changes to the playoff format for the upcoming season. "The committee feels like eventually we would potentially get there, but we felt we need to have more than just one year under our belt," Fisher said. Umar Muhammad, a fullback and linebacker for the Grand Rapids Rampage, has been booted off of the team after being busted in a prostitution ring. If convicted, he faces up to 90 days in jail and several fines.

The Green Bay Packers have signed on OT Reggie Coleman, a 6’ 5” 297 pound draft pick of the Washington Redskins in 2002. He spent the first four weeks of 2002 on Washington's practice squad before signing with Cincinnati. The New England Patriots have signed on rookie free agent lineman Dave Petruziello. Petruziello played both the offensive and defensive line while at the University of Michigan. Finally, the San Diego Chargers have snagged WR B.J. Lovett, a former Michigan State Spartan. Lovett snagged 33 passes for 383 yards during his senior campaign at MSU.

Well that’s all for this week, cats and kittens. Enjoy your weekends and be sure to check back next week for the daily doses of R&R that you’re so joyously hooked on. Take care, all.

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