The Roving Ram - Rounds the Horn

The Roving Ram - Rounds the Horn

Welcome back, faithful visitor! In today&#8217;s edition of the <strong>Roving Ram</strong>: Faulk vs. Dunne, Round One. Palmer takes his first steps&#8230;er&#8230;snaps, The Redskins like who they see and the Roving Roundup.<br>

The Roving Ram - Rounds the Horn
By Rams Nation's Brandon “Blankman” Cavanaugh

- Faulk vs. Dunne: It Begins

If you’ve been regularly following the Roving Ram (and if you haven’t, SHAME ON YOU!), you’d know that a trial between St. Louis Rams star Marshall Faulk and the mother of three of his children, Helen Dunne was due to begin today and, well, the openings statements, she has been made. Dunne’s lawyers stated that Faulk had beaten her. Faulk’s lawyers rebutted that Marshall had pushed her once, but never hit her. Both Faulk and Dunne are expected to take the stand as the trial continues on this week. We all wish Marshall well and hope that this situation can be resolved quickly.

- Palmer Takes First NFL Snaps

Awww, iddin’t he cute? Former Southern California quarterback Carson Palmer has taken his first snaps with the Cincinnati Bengals. Jon Kitna and Akili Smith ran most of the plays during the minicamp, but Palmer got most of the attention. "Johnny B. Goode. You guys remember that movie?" Kitna stated. "Southern California, 6-foot-5, blond-haired. I think he has blue eyes, nice tan, all that stuff. He's the perfect guy. You look up 'quarterback' [in the dictionary] and see a little picture of Carson." Replicas of Palmer’s new No. 9 jersey are available online for $65, the only currently advertised jersey.

- Redskins Confident With New Cast

The Washington Redskins finished up their minicamp feeling pretty darn confident about where they stand. For the first time in a while, the organization feels it has the pieces of the puzzle necessary to start winning come September. "We pretty much know who all of our players are going to be," head man Steve Spurrier stated. "That's different from last year." There won’t be any roster rummaging through the summer this year to find anyone, save maybe a punter.

- NFL Rule Sits Packer Picks

Sure, ideally you’d like your draft picks to come to minicamp, but sometimes it just doesn’t happen. For new Green Bay Packers Nick Barnett and James Lee, former Oregon State teammates, they’ll have to sit this one out, but by no fault of their own. The NFL has a policy that rookies cannot attend more than one minicamp if the school they hail from is currently in session. "The situation is what it is," head coach Mike Sherman state Sunday. "They can't leave until their graduating class graduates. Those are the rules, so I don't worry about rules that are made that we have to abide by. That's just the way it is. But, our coaches will spend a lot of time with them this summer, and we'll get them ready as much as we can."

The Roving Roundup: Bills Let VP Go; Jets Take 3, Lose 3; Pats Catch and Release and Bengals Clean House

The Buffalo Bills refused to renew the contract of Dwight Adams, the vice president of player personnel. Adams served as an overseer for the Bills’ draft, but it was reduced after former GM John Butler was let go. The New York Jets snagged three rookie free agents on Monday those being: DE Lance Gibson, TE Gabe Reid and WR Michael Oliva. The Jets also let go WRs Lou Fanucchi and Shawn Witten, and TE Rolando Shuler. The New England Patriots signed undrafted RB Derek Watson and let go Michael Hayes and Chris Massey. Finally, today the Bengals let go of OTs Reggie Coleman and Garrett DiCarlo.

That’s what we’ve got for today, ladies and gents. Be sure to check back tomorrow as we continue the work week in style with your daily dose of R and R.

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