Ram Allocated - Robbie Robinson

Ram Allocated - Robbie Robinson

<strong>Robbie Robinson</strong> gives his thoughts on the draft and Rams 2nd round pick <strong>Pisa Tinoisamoa</strong>. Robinson a safety out of Colorado is currently playing in NFLE with the <strong>Scottish Claymores</strong> and is joint league leader for interceptions. <br>

Ram Allocated - Robbie Robinson
By Rams Nation's George Pate

GG: What are your thoughts on the Berlin game last week
RR: We got the season back on track and that makes me feel good. But I didn’t contribute as much as I’d like too as I got hurt early on . But I stayed in the game mentally and helped the coaches best I could with things that didn’t go right or didn’t look right. When you’re on the field things happen so quickly and you are focused on your own assignment. But when you’re on the sidelines you get to see things such as , how they are lined up, whether your own guys are all lined up in the right place and also how the whole play develops

GG: What was the focus in training this week
RR: Barcelona are pretty simple in what they do, they will line up and just try and beat you with what they are good at, nothing complicated , we don’t have to work out a 100 things. They do what they do and they do it well. Their running backs are excellent, their QB is good and they have a couple of good receivers. They also do a great job defensively, they didn’t to 3-1 without being good on both sides of the ball.

GG: Did you know anyone that was drafted by the Rams
RR: Funny you should ask me that, as the second round pick Pisa Tinoisamoa and I played at High School together. We both played at Vista High School in Oceanside, California He’s a good friend of mine, I’ve known him since he was fourteen years old. He’s an amazing player. In my last year in High School, it was his second and he was probably already a better player than me, even though I was much older. I think that he is a great pick up for the Rams.
I also know Shane Walton , who is from my home town as well, I don’t know him personally but I’ve met him a couple of times. But I’ve seen him play ay Notre Dame and he makes all kinda plays. In the fifth round he’s a steal.

GG: There has been talk of Tinoisamoa being in trouble when he was younger,
RR: Just kids stuff. A lot of stuff was blown out of proportion because he was the most highly recruited player, ever, out of San Diego. So like any celebrity , the things he did were highly publicised and blown out of proportion . He didn’t do things that lots of kids do, he was caught and everybody was more interested because of who he was. But he’s a great person, a lovely kid and he has a beautiful smile, anybody would be pleased to make his acquaintance.

GG: Did anyone else you know get drafted this year.
RR: My cousin was drafted in the third round to the Indianapolis Colts, out of Colorado, his name is Donald Strickland. He had been told he could have gone anywhere from the third to the seventh round, so it was good for him to be picked up in the third. He is a little undersized but he is a great tackler and he does a lot of things well. I also think it is a good fit, going to the Colts, with Tony Dungy one of the best defensive coaches in the league.There were six guys I played with in Colorado who were drafted, including Tyler Brayton to the Raiders in the first round . We were travelling on Saturday so we didn’t get to follow the draft live, but the hotel in Berlin had a computer so I was able to get on line and catch up with what was happening.

GG: What is your injury status for this week
RR: I’m down as probable, I’ve been managing to practice duting the week so should play. I just rolled over on my ankle as I made my tackle last week and two guys landed on top of me. But it’s feeling okay.

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